'Export Audio' will always default to .aiff extension

Hey, I have never set it up that way!

When I edit a file called “track1.mp3” and say “Export Audio”, an .aiff file extension will be appended automatically, which I always have to delete.
Is this a glitch in v2.0.6?

Select the format that you want in the Export dialog http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/file_export_dialog.html
The selected format should be remembered the next time you export.

That might work on Windows, but here on Linux it does not.

I’m on Linux.

Who built your 2.0.6 version?

Hmmm…wait a sec…

Build Information
Program build date:
Oct 26 2014
Build type:
Debug build
Installation Prefix:
Settings folder:

I’m on Ubuntu here…and they are using indeed a DEBUG build, instead of (what I would expect!) a release build.
Anyways, I think you still haven’t gotten my description of the actual problem, so maybe this screenshot will help:

As you can see, drop-down menu is on “MP3 Files”. And changing something on the drop-down menu should as well auto-modify the file extension! But it never does that.

If you are using Sid and you installed that version of Audacity from the Ubuntu repository, please send a bug report to Ubuntu.
If that is not the case, where did you get Audacity from and which version of Ubuntu are you using?

The file format you choose specifies the extension that Audacity will add automatically when the file is exported, but that extension does not display in the “Name” box in the export dialogue.

Is your project called “sample8.aiff.AUP” or is the file you imported called “sample8.aiff.AIFF” (or whatever format the imported file is)? That is the only reason you should see “sample8.aiff” in the “Name” box. The AUP or imported audio file extension is not added to the “Name” box.

Are you saying that when you choose “MP3 Files” that the file is exported with a final dot and AIFF in the file name? Audacity supplied by us does not do that.


It’s called sample8.mp3. And THIS is the peculiar thing about it.
BTW how do you guys come to mention “Sid”? “Sid” is Debian world, I’m on Ubuntu Vivid (= dev. version)

If you are using Ubuntu Vivid and you installed that version of Audacity from the Ubuntu repository, please send a bug report to Ubuntu.

Pre-releases of the Vivid Vervet are not encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage. They are, however, recommended for Ubuntu flavor developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting and fixing bugs as we work towards getting this release ready.

Yeah I get you … just … I hardly assumed that this could be a problem with the distro, it much rather looked like a problem with the Audacity software itself…
For instance…if the program windows show a strange behavior, the culprit may be the window manager or the DE (result: not an Audacity problem). But this is about file extensions, which to my knowledge are internally handled by the software itself.

I’m using the unmodified source code and built Audacity myself, so I am 100% certain that the version on my Debian machine is the original unmodified program, as written by the Audacity developers. I do not see the problem that you describe. If the problem were with the software, then surely I would see the problem too?

The problem may not be anything to do with the Ubuntu Vivid build of Audacity, but it is a problem with the Ubuntu Vivid build of Audacity on your Ubuntu Vivid computer. This problem has not been reported by any other users, so I would suspect that it is something specific to your computer setup. Does this problem occur on a fresh installation of Ubuntu Vivid?


New here but wanted to confirm this bug after dist-upgrading from wheezy to jessie. Everything was fine on wheezy. Now on jessie (audacity 2.0.6) every audio export defaults to .aiff despite the file format being set to “MP3 Files”.

If you need more details, just ask.

If you compile Audacity from our source code against the supported wxWidgets 2.8.12 the problem won’t occur, as far as I know.

If that is the case then please report the issue to Debian as a problem with the way they have built the Audacity 2.0.6 package: Debian bug tracking system.

Note specifically that Debian have built Audacity with a version of wxWidgets (3.0) that Audacity Team does not support, so you can expect numerous wx3 issues.

If you do find the AIFF issue is a direct result of using wx3, please let us know.


Thanks for your answer. I see now that this bug has already been reported: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=774181. I confirmed it and will let you know if the cause is identified.

Same thing happening to me. I was able to work around it by copying and pasting the tracks into a new project, then export to wav just fine. Just in case anyone else can’t wait for Ubuntu to fix this…

Thanks, someone else has confirmed that to be the case.