Export Audio - Formats missing?

Strange issue - all of a sudden no formats available in Export Audio window. Nothing shows up, zip zero nada. Reinstalled v3.4.2 still the same. Removed the program and reinstalled and still not there? What am I missing? My first issue with Audacity in over a decade.

Go to Edit → Preferences → Modules. Depending on your version of Audacity you may see several mod-xxx boxes for various audio formats. Enable them all.

Or you can delete your audacity.cfg file and when you re-start Audacity it should build a new-clean one. This page tells you where to find it.

When you un-install it keeps the audacity.cfg file. Then when you re-install it uses the old settings by default. (I think it asks a question about that.)

Much appreciated @DVDdoug :pray: While trying to finish a project I’d installed Audacity v3.3.3 and things went back to normal. The interface is very different as I’d forgot the dialog box automatically goes to edit the metadata box after selecting file format. The new version doesn’t do this which isn’t a big deal but I find it helpful in adding details to the file I’d otherwise probably put off.

Will update the program and tackle your suggestion once this project is done. Thanks again!

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