Export Audio>Format Options is missing

I installed Audacity the other day, now I’m not too familiar with it. but tonight when i was Exporting a project i had noticed the file type was auP3, thing is i cannot convert this with a file converter so the files i had were useless. now another person showed me there is meant to be format options but those are missing, so i cannot even export the file in MP3.
I’ve also reinstalled the Application but that didn’t change anything
this occurred on Version 3.5

.aup3 is not a sound file you can use for anything - it is an Audacity project file which contains your work and all changes. Open the .aup3 file using Audacity and then EXPORT your music in any desired format like .mp3, .wav, etc.
Menu item “File / Export” (or “File / Export other…” for exporting multiple files you separated using text marks).
The Audacity manual gives you detailed information on many topics, including the export function.

I cannot open the file with audacity and there are two files

I cannot change it too MP3 or anything else at all

Please read what I wrote before: .aup3 are NO SOUND FILES, but Audacity Project files. You cannot simply change the file extension!

There is one .aup3 file PER PROJECT, you probably had two projects if you have 2 .aup3 files.

If Windows does not open Audacity, when you double-click the .aup3 file, it is not Audacity’s fault - the file type is just not assigned to Audacity in Windows.

Start Audacity, select the “Open” command in the menu and then open the file from within Audacity.

Make sure that Preferences → Modules has all the modules (except mod-script-pipe) enabled. If you don’t see any, install Audacity in a different directory - at the moment it doesn’t detect modules correctly when installed into a path containing a $ sign.

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