exponentially slows down

hi there
trying to capture some old dictaphone tapes with audio that exponentially slows down since recorded on an old reel to reel, probably portable, dictaphone machine without pinch roller and capstain i guess.

is there a way i wonder that audacity can help me speed up up the recording exponentially from the beginning to the end?

thanks in advance

Have you tried Sliding Stretch ?

The answer in the question … https://youtu.be/qqK6wgsh3QA

Celemony’s Capstan is very good but pretty expensive for software that you may use only a few times,
different of course if you do this kind of thing for a living.

There is a rent option, but needs that 'orrible iLok nonsense.
The demo version is also not really useful as it mutes after 7 seconds.
Audacity has a time track feature that can do a similar thing, of course don’t expect results as good.
but may be just enough for casual home use.


You can also then try the sliding stretch and EQ plugins.