Experienced help with vocals removed

I was hoping for some help from someone who had the time and experience or who wanted to try this. I have a song that needs at least close to all vocals removed, it’s an easy song mostly with piano and violin. I cannot do it myself without any experience with the programs, I tried and I failed miserably, even with following online help directions and I’m running out of time. I need it by next Saturday.

And there is not way to find this song without vocals as there has not been one released and they may never do so. It is in Japanese and is an insert song in an anime. I need it for a karaoke contest. I have also scoured youtube, no luck for even a piano version that is the whole song.

Hoping someone can help! Your time is very much appreciated if you can and I would be very thankful.

You can attempt this in Audacity. Get it here: http://web.audacityteam.org/download.

Then see Tutorial - Vocal Removal and Isolation - Audacity Manual.

If you want to try other plugins, see Vocal Removal Plugins and http://forum.audacityteam.org/download/file.php?id=12536 (which is a Nyquist plugin). To install Nyquist plugins see http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Download_Nyquist_Plug-ins#install.


I have audacity and have done that. I have tried other programs and other vocal removers too, I can only use the auto function remove as trying anything else makes it worse. It needs more than a vocal remove plugin to do the job to get all the vocals out. I know others know how to do it from various pages I have visited however it is too complicated for me. One was about copying the stream having two. After using vocal remover and removing something from the other copied stream then overlaying them for complete removal and more of the original music kept in.

Thanks for the advice. :)I have already attempted your method though and it is not enough.

Hoping someone out there can help me further.

Really - you tried all those plugins? If normal center-removal does not remove the voices, then you need to experiment with plugins that use other methods, and there is no guarantee of success. Please understand you may never “get all the vocals out”.

And no-one is just going to do the job for you, even if it can be done.


Depends on the type of song for if vocals can be easily removed completely, and the song I have is that kind.

And someone may be abledo it for me, I prefer to be positive and ask for help when I have done all I can myself. I have spent hours and days on this myself. There are some people who like a challenge. One can only ask to see. One should not assume no one will help. You will get no where in life with assumptions and without asking for help when it is needed.

It might be helpful if you’d probide a sample or a link to your song.

It is wasted time to speculate about possibilities without a clue what the material is like.


Yeah no prob. I’ve included youtube video’s that contain the song.There are two versions of the song, the song it’s self is the same just one song sung by an artist and the other sung by the voice actor. I say an artist because you don’t know who she is with only one part of her name given.

By artist Ena: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPYafbqKRkw

by voice actor Risa Taneda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRixOWMH0LU

Thanks for the links

I think the tool that Gale provided you with makes a reasonable good job.

The solo vocals shouldn’t be heard if you sing loud enough along (and in Japanese of course)
The chorus is another thing. However, it is normal that they are audible, even in a Karoke version.

Give it a listen:

Best wishes for the contest