audicty has no expander , is good for compressed cd of easy listeenings …

i try dr.expander but can make too often quick volume chnages ,

can add to audcity??? or plug???

I’m not sure if it’s what you want but there is a “peak processor” here that can “expand” peaks that have been compressed: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/peak-limiter-expander/17790/3

hmm, thank u but no uerstand,

no docs, what is theshold :unamused: maybe i wanna expand all of it not just peaks??

i have track, 1/2 of it at o.5 and 1/2 of it at 1 but flat roof houses , part at 0.5 has paeaked roofs maybe thast part ok,

i choose all the travck and thehold 0.66 and expand 15.2 but nothing happened to the audio???

and what is ratio of what?

then i press ‘diagnose’ and wait 1 minmute amd then says processing peaks and then no effect and whiteout message box i mean a box whit no text in it :imp: :unamused:

at mini,mum dr expander works but too jerky :smiley:

can u help please mr steve

The “Debug” button is a feature to bring up a window after processing to display error messages . If the window is empty it means there are no code errors. It is a standard feature of all Nyquist plug-ins.

Could you post a short sample in WAV format. (see here: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-attach-files-to-forum-posts/24026/1)

i knlw debug buton but here u call it diagnose

if i can only post a few a seconds of audio, which few seconds? i was affecting hole file


This is the interface. What are you talking about?

i running in deutsch locales and bu tton says ‘Diagnose’ but remainings of ui in english :confused: and really i from korea but missing pieces in korean tranlation

please read again and say witch part of file i upload.


mr steve can u please reply… waiting 5 weaks :astonished: thanks you very much

Expansion is possible using “Chris’s Compressor” if a negative value for “compression ratio” is used …


If you have a Windows computer there is a free expander plug-in called “floorfish” which works with Audacity …


What do you want me to reply to? I don’t know what your question is.
Perhaps the suggestions made by Trebor will suit you better.

thank mr trebor i will try but was also trying mr steve’s plug.

if u read the topic i thin you can see i have asked 2 times which part of the file do u want me to uploiad.

and y you not answer y the buttons on ur plug are in differe t languages?

will this happen with the floorfish plug


Any part that can show the type of material that you are working with.
If I suggest settings that work with a file from my computer, those settings will probably not be right for your track, so I need a bit of your track to find appropriate settings. I don’ care which part you send - just send a few seconds that are typical for the track you want to expand.

You previously wrote:

i running in deutsch locales and bu tton says 'Diagnose' but remainings of ui in english

Nyquist plug-ins are not translated. Audacity does not provide any way to automatically translate Nyquist plug-ins. The only way to put a Nyquist plug-in into a different language is to manually edit the .NY file and change the control names (I can show you how to do that if you are interested).

Nyquist plug-ins use a basic interface panel that is part of Audacity. This includes the Debug, Cancel, OK buttons, which as part of Audacity can be translated. Other text elements are created by the plug-in and cannot be automatically translated.

mebbe you dont know everything/ of corse if u set windows to deutsch the auacity changes to deutshc including coomon buttons. cancel becumes abbrechen. i think it weerd for plugs part english part german, no :astonished:

maebbe it is suggstion request or the optional plugs be offered in format that audacity translates them or uenderstands if they deutsch???

my deutsach is better than english… could not be worse anyway :laughing: :laughing: can i help u translate my fave nyquist plugs:


Of course not, and neither does anyone else, but this is not the place for epistemological debate.

Yes, of course you may.
Do you know how to do that, or would you like help getting started?