Execute Macro from Script

I am trying to run my macro through the named pipe, but nothing is working.

I tried this one: ApplyMacrosPalette: Garble2

Use the name of the macro command as it appears in the Macro Editor. For example, the command for the “MP3 Conversion” macro is:


Thank you steve, how come I was unable to find this in the docs? I searched high and low :blush:

Because Scripting covers almost everything that Audacity does, there’s a lot that could be documented, but because it is a relatively new feature the documentation is fairly bare-bones. It is also considered to be an “advanced” feature for enthusiasts, so there’s not much hand holding :wink:

A good tip: Try out commands as a macro before using them in a script. The commands used in macros are identical to those used in scripts.
(The command reference for both macros as scripting: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/scripting_reference.html)

Another good tip: Try things out using the “pipe client” command line interface. It’s a good way to check that you’ve got the command syntax and arguments correct.

Final tip: Feel free to ask here on the forum if you get stuck. We’re more than happy to try to help :slight_smile:

Thanks again, I am using C# to control audacity, nothing too advanced but I’m happy to share the code here once I get it up in github