Exception code 0xc0000005 upon exit, version 3.5.1

I edit audio once a week at my office. For the second week in a row, I’ve gotten this exception code upon exit (after saving my project, exporting audio, and being asked if I want to save my project upon exit [yes]). The Problem Report for Audacity window pops up, but when I click [Send] I get an error “Failed to send crash report”. Same error occurs if I attempt to send the crash report again.

Last week I simply clicked [Don’t send] and went about my business, but this week when I opened Audacity there was a file to recover. I recovered it, then did my weekly audio editing. Same error occurred this week upon exit. Same error occurred when I tried to sen the report. This time I copied the text of the Problem Report and saved it (in case it could be sent some other way).

I believe this error has occurred every time I’ve edited audio with this latest version of Audacity (3.5.1), but I’m not 100% sure of that.

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Probably a problem with windows etc.
Is it long since you cleaned your system up…removing all temp files etc etc that are taking up alot of space.
Have you plenty of space on your PC.
Have you CCleaner installed… Install Ccleaner and run it to clean out alot of rubbish…your data will be safe
Have you a hard drive does it need defragged.?

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I have problem like you :sweat_smile: , every time it happens, I’m afraid my audio file will be damaged or something inside, so I make a new version just to be sure. It’s a bit extreme but it gives me peace of mind :kissing_smiling_eyes: , maybe we should wait for Audacity members to improve it :pray:

I dont think it is an Audacity problem…3.5.1 should run and exit without error.

Is your PC old, does it need cleared out or defragged, does it run fast…???

This PC is less than a year old and runs very fast. I’m using less than 200 GB of a 1 TB hard drive, so there’s plenty of room.

Is it happening only with this one project. Do other projects work OK. Did you try to start another new similar project and see if same thing happens…???
If Tool…Reset… Configuration and clearing out any old cache, temp files etc doesnt help, I would do a complete uninstall of Audacity…Backup up all you Audio data first. although your data folders should not be affected except you dont keep you data away in a seperate folder from the install program folder.
After uninstall make sure all the program folders for audacity are deleted and C;/Users/ username/Appdata/Audacity is deleted…it is a hidden folder
Dont leave any trace of old install. Then restart PC and download Audacity 3.5.1 and install again. If you have an agressive Virus checker you can disable it for half an hour until you get the install done, in case it does not like something.
There is a free program CCleaner would do the cleaning out if you dont want the hassle to do it youself.
Audacity should run without error on a new PC.

Thank you for your suggestions.

I’m doing a new project each week, so it happened twice in a row on two different new projects.

Taking your advice, I opened Audacity before beginning my project this week, and did Tool>Reset Configuration. Then I opened my new project for the week. When I finished editing and exporting I had no problems. So that did the trick. Seems the problem was within Audacity after all. Thanks for the help!

The operating system is set to clean up old cache and temp files on a regular basis already, so I expected that wasn’t likely the issue.

I spoke too soon. The error was hiding behind other windows. :disappointed:

Is there someplace I could send the text of the errors since sending them with the “Send” button keeps failing?

I’ll try other suggestions next week when I have more time, as uninstalling and reinstalling Audacity would take more time than I have available today.

I don’t have any faith in sending these types of error dialogs to anyone…not just Audacity any software… do they ever get read and acted upon…??