I read a previous thread about this error, but I didn’t see anything that addresses my particular problem. I only seem to get this error message when I open a specific file. This is very troubling, as this is an important file and it’s my only copy, so I’m somewhat screwed if it’s fatally corrupted.

FYI, in case it helps: even when the file in question isn’t open, files with the same name, only ending in .aup3shm and .aup3wal, can be seen in the folder. Usually, files like this only appear in the folder when the file is open. Also, every time I have tried to open in subsequently, Audacity keeps asking me if I want to recover files that don’t actually exist, namely ‘New Project’ followed by the date and a bunch of numbers.

Anything you can tell me about this?


Marc B.

You can try these procedures: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery

Thanks for the response! I went through the whole process and got a recovered file, but the exact same thing happened when I opened Audacity. Each time, an ‘Automatic Crash Recovery’ message appears saying that “the following projects were not saved properly the last time Audacity was run and can be automatially retrieved,” followed by a list of files that always include at least one ‘New Project’ that I never started and the name of the original file that I was trying to open, now also including the broken.recovered. If I tell it to recover them, as soon as it gets to either the original file or the recovered file, Audacity crashes immediately. Does this mean the file is hopelessly corrupted?

Also, for what it’s worth, if I choose to Skip the recovery, Audacity stays open and I can work with other, non-corrupted files. Choose any other option (Recover, Discard) and Audacity crashes.

Possibly. The recovery procedure has a “good” success rate, probably in the range of 70-90%, but it doesn’t recover “all” damaged files.

If you keep getting prompted to recover files, I would manually clear out Audacity’s temp project directory: C:\Users<you>\AppData\Local\Audacity\SessionData (note AppData is a “hidden” directory).

If you have a project that you have successfully recovered, and crashes Audacity just by loading it, I would like to see it. Zip it up and upload it somewhere, then post a link.

Here’s a link to the recovered file. I really appreciate your looking at this. While loss of this file would not mean complete loss of the recording in question (actually two songs in one), it would mean that I would have far less ability to mix it as I see fit, unless I want to record the whole thing over again, which I would prefer not to do at this point.

OK, so I looked at the file you uploaded and it seems to be just fine.

As I said before,

If you keep getting prompted to recover files, I would manually clear out Audacity’s temp project directory: C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Audacity\SessionData (note AppData is a “hidden” directory).

If that fails to correct your issue, then I would try uninstalling and reinstalling Audacity. Do this from here: Download | Audacity ®

I know it’s late, but I wanted to thank you for your advice. It does seem to have done the trick.

On an unrelated note, it seems that the Presets in the Distortion effect don’t work. Have you had anyone else mention this? I thought it might be the copy on my one laptop, but then I downloaded and installed Audacity fresh on another laptop and the same thing happened. Not important, but I thougt I’d mention it.

Thanks again.

Glad to hear you are sorted. :grinning:

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