Everytime i open a saved project the autotuned vocals settings is wrong

Hey! I have a saved project with antares autotune on my vocals, I have the autotune on “Realtime Effects”. The settings i have is Key: D, Scale: Major, Input type: Alto/Tenor.
When i save and close the project and open it up another day the settings is all wrong, the key is C, scale is Chromatic and input type is Soprano. I have to go over each and one recording and change all those everytime. Is there a solution to this problem? Help please

Sometimes saving your settings as a preset in the plugin enables you to restore them,
(not guaranteed to work).

I’ve never used Auto-Tune but I know it doesn’t officially support Audacity.

But I THINK it can run stand-alone.

Antares DAW Compatibility

Yes, I always save the project with the right autotune settings, thats whats the problem, it changes when i open the project again.

Saving an Audacity project and saving settings in a plugin as a preset are 2 different things.

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