Every saved project has orphan blocks on ubuntu 16.10

Dear Audacity users, this is my first post.
I use Audacity 2.1.2 on Linux Ubuntu 16.10
Every project I save become unusable after closing and reopening it also for a single track project.
here what i do:

  1. open audacity
  2. rec a track
  3. save project as projectname
  4. close the project
  5. open that project projectname

Here the log.
10:37:05: Audacity 2.1.2
10:37:05: Retrieving FFmpeg library version numbers:
10:37:05: AVCodec version 0x391866 - 57.24.102 (built against 0x391866 - 57.24.102)
10:37:05: AVFormat version 0x391964 - 57.25.100 (built against 0x391964 - 57.25.100)
10:37:05: AVUtil version 0x371167 - 55.17.103 (built against 0x371167 - 55.17.103)10:37:05: AVUtil version 0x371167 - 55.17.103 (built against 0x371167 - 55.17.103)
10:41:47: Warning: Project check found file inconsistencies inspecting the loaded project data.
10:41:54: Warning: Orphan block file: ‘/home/davide/prova_data/e00/d00/e0000f0b.au’
10:41:54: Warning: Orphan block file: ‘/home/davide/prova_data/e00/d00/e0000ab9.au’
10:41:54: Warning: Orphan block file: ‘/home/davide/prova_data/e00/d00/e00007e2.au’
10:41:54: Warning: Orphan block file: ‘/home/davide/prova_data/e00/d00/e00004fd.au’
10:41:54: Warning: Orphan block file: ‘/home/davide/prova_data/e00/d00/e00003d8.au’
10:41:54: Warning: Orphan block file: ‘/home/davide/prova_data/e00/d00/e000019b.au’
any helps will be appreciated.

When you get that warning, it means that there’s one or more audio data file (AU “block files”) present in the search path. There are many reasons why this may occur.
If it does happen, then the safest thing to do is to use the default option “Continue without deleting”. Check that the project works correctly and that there are no parts missing, then save the project with a new name (File > Save As).

Note that when you do this, the “orphan block files” still exist in the original (old) version of the project (you chose to not delete them). The new copy of the project should not have orphan block files.

Thank you Steve.
this is not my case.
Every project i save after i reopen it become unusable.
the only information that remain is the number of tracks and all the tracks are blank.
i tried to run audacity using sudo without success, i checked the directory permissions but it seems correct.
i try to run linux kernel lowlatency and generic one but the problem still remain.

Where does this Audacity 2.1.2 come from? Have you compiled it yourself with modified source code?

Did you post the complete log? Orphan files are surplus to the project, not something that is missing (though they “might” belong to other projects, so you should not delete them). We had an old bug that moved block files between projects, but that has not been heard of for a long time now.

If you compile 2.1.3rc2 (for Testing Only) from https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity-devel.html/ does it have this issue?

Also please attach the debug report (all boxes enabled) from Help > Generate Support Data… . Please see how to attach files to forum posts.


Hi Gale,
i simply downloaded audacity from repository using the command apt-get install audacity.

now compiling the suggested version and removing the old one, i can open every project without any warning, also the old projects. i have only one problem: on the Preferences: Devices i can’t find any devices, but i think i can solve this problem by myself.
thank you very much

Hmm, I don’t know exactly what problem there might be in that version. It is not a known problem. 2.1.3-alpha could crash on project save or have other project issues if built with gcc versions before 4.9, but that gcc problem should only occur on Ubuntu 14.x or earlier.

Thanks for testing, anyway. Please be aware that rc2 has a data loss issue if the AUP file becomes corrupted, for example by hand-editing the AUP file incorrectly. I would get RC3 when it arrives there in a week or so, or the actual 2.1.3 release when made (possibly mid March).