Errors opening WAVE, M4A and AIFF formats

Howdy, new here to the forums… I Have scoured the net for solutions, communicated with friends and colleagues who are more knowledgeable than myself on the matter to no avail… And have switched to the newest version of Audacity. Any help here is welcomed and much appreciated!

Audacity error2.png
Audacity error.png

For M4A files, you need to install FFmpeg (as the message says).
See here for instructions:
Ensure that you use the “ffmpeg-win-2.2.2.exe” file (the download page recommends a different file, but apparently that’s because it provides FFmpeg for other apps as well as Audacity).

The MP3 file is probably faulty (as it says in the message). It may be possible to recover it once you have FFmpeg installed, so let’s come back to that one later.

“WAVE” isn’t a format. Perhaps you meant “WAV”.
WAV files should import straight away without FFmpeg, unless there’s a problem with the file.