Errors in recording

I have found Audacity to be of very good use for my recording software, and it has helped my recordings sound exceedingly smoother. I have found my favorite thing about audacity, is the fact that were literally seeing sound. It’s quite incredible when you think about it; many years ago, this would have never been thought possible. Now to the point of this subject.

I find it helpful that audacity allows you to cut out pieces of unwanted noise, errors, or etc. but I’d just like to give some hints and tips about how you can actually catch your errors:

When your recording, (this trick probably won’t work when recording music) but let’s say for your podcast, or audiobook production, and you find yourself making an error, whether it be a stumble, or pronouncing a word quite odd, or failing on a tongue twister you didn’t intend to create, don’t restart the entire recording. There is a way in order to just rewind a moment, and continue.

As soon as you make that mistake, whatever it is, just simply stop, and let the silence fall for about 5-10 seconds. Then make a noise that will certainly appear as a long, sharp, vertical stick on audacity, like a clap, or a loud click. Then wait another 5-10 seconds, and resume from an appropriate place a moment ago.

I’m you all probably know about this technique, but for those who don’t, I hope this helps. For music recorders who get interrupted, it is suggested that while recording, to find a nice quite place, but it is understandable that life sometimes happens.

Thank you.

What I generally do is to not stop the recording, but just press “Ctrl + M” then “Enter” to create a label, then continue recording. Or, if I need to stop the recording, just press “space”, then “R” to resume the recording - there will be a “split” in the track so it is easy to find where I stopped.

That’s also a good idea, but for those who don’t use audacity as their main recording system, and only use it to edit, they might find this helpful. However, I highly recommend recording through audacity! :laughing: