Error with Music Separation Effect by Openvino Plugin


When I updated Audacity to version 3.5.1, I encountered errors with the Openvino plugin. After finding help on this forum, I installed the new version of Openvino. While this resolved issues with my other effects, I now face
an error when applying the Music Separation effect to an audio track.

The error message suggests checking the details by going to “Help > Diagnostics > Log file.” I have accessed the log file, but I’m unsure how to use this information to resolve the issue.

Here is the relevant log file information:

log.txt (2.4 KB)

Can anyone help me understand what the log file indicates and how I can fix this issue with the Music Separation effect?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,
Afaq Hassan

Hi @Afaq_Hassan,

From the log that you attached, it looks like the plugin is having trouble finding the required model file. Did you have ‘music separation’ checked during installation at ‘model selection’ step?

Hi @Ryguy ,

No, I haven’t checked that because the GitHub page from where I installed a new version of Openvion mentioned that you don’t need to select everything, just check, install no models, and proceed with the setup. Attaching image…

Let me know If I have to reinstall it and what should I check if I need to install it again.


Hi @Afaq_Hassan,

Right, but in your case were you upgrading from one of the versions listed there (3.5.0-R2, 3.5.1-R2)?

If you were upgrading from the original plugin release (v3.4.2-R1), then you should go ahead and select the models.

I would recommend to just re-run the installer for the plugins, and select the models that you want.

Edit: And just to note, that the disclaimer there (about selecting ‘no models’) was added to save some folks some time by avoiding re-downloading some large model files. But, I think I need to change the wording or just remove this altogether, as I think it may just be causing confusion…


Hi Ryan,

It’s working now as I re-run the installer and select Music Separation. Thank you so much for your help. Stay blessed!

Thanks Again,

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