Error while writing WAV (Micorsoft) file (disk full?). Libsn

hello everyone

i have had this problem happen a couple times when exporting a wav file, not exactly sure why it is happening becasue i do this often. but sometimes this>>>>

message shows up and i am looking for the solution to the problem if any :confused:

any replies would be great

Thank you


I’m going to take a quick shot at this. Did you use punctuation marks in your filename or put punctuation marks in the metadata panels for your music? Either of those can cause serious problems when the computer tries to save a file.

It’s easy to do. Today is 20120816, not 8/16/12. Those slashes are not welcome.


And there is the possibility that your disk actually did fill up. Sound (and picture) files are really, really big. How long was the show? People get killed when they try to record 12-hour surveillance sessions.


The “Libsndfile says” issue is due to unusual order of the metadata in an imported file. It is already fixed in the current 2.0.1 version, so if you upgrade ( ) the problem should not occur again.

To fix the problem now, choose File > Open Metadata Editor and press “Clear” then “OK”.