Error while trying to reverb

Ubuntu 22.04LTS
Audacity 2.4.2


I’m combining two different tracks together, while I also have recorded a new speech. Now I want to add reverb to my new recording but it keeps stuck on an error.

This is the error code:


./src/Sequence.cpp(1045): assert “pos >= 0 && pos < mNumSamples” failed in FindBlock().


[1] Sequence::FindBlock(sampleCount) const

[2] Sequence::SetSamples(char*, sampleFormat, sampleCount, sampleCount)

[3] WaveTrack::Set(char*, sampleFormat, sampleCount, unsigned long)

[4] Effect::ProcessTrack(int, ChannelName*, WaveTrack*, WaveTrack*, sampleCount, sampleCount, ArraysOf&, ArraysOf&, ArrayOf<float*>&, ArrayOf<float*>&)

[5] Effect::ProcessPass()

[6] Effect::Process()

[7] Effect::DoEffect(double, TrackList*, TrackFactory*, NotifyingSelectedRegion&, wxWindow*, std::function<wxDialog* (wxWindow&, EffectHostInterface*, EffectUIClientInterface*)> const&)

[8] EffectUI::DoEffect(wxString const&, CommandContext const&, unsigned int)

[9] CommandManager::HandleCommandEntry(AudacityProject&, CommandListEntry const*, std::bitset<64ul>, bool, wxEvent const*)

[10] CommandManager::HandleMenuID(AudacityProject&, int, std::bitset<64ul>, bool)

[11] ProjectWindow::OnMenu(wxCommandEvent&)

[12] wxEvtHandler::ProcessEventIfMatchesId(wxEventTableEntryBase const&, wxEvtHandler*, wxEvent&)

[13] wxEventHashTable::HandleEvent(wxEvent&, wxEvtHandler*)

[14] wxEvtHandler::TryHereOnly(wxEvent&)

[15] wxEvtHandler::DoTryChain(wxEvent&)

[16] wxEvtHandler::ProcessEvent(wxEvent&)

[17] wxWindowBase::TryAfter(wxEvent&)

[18] wxEvtHandler::SafelyProcessEvent(wxEvent&)

[19] wxMenuBase::SendEvent(int, int)

[20] g_closure_invoke

[21] g_signal_emit_valist

[22] g_signal_emit

[23] gtk_widget_activate

[24] gtk_menu_shell_activate_item

[25] g_signal_emit_valist

[26] g_signal_emit

[27] gtk_main_do_event

[28] g_main_context_dispatch

[29] g_main_loop_run

[30] gtk_main

[31] wxGUIEventLoop::DoRun()

[32] wxEventLoopBase::Run()

[33] wxAppConsoleBase::MainLoop()

[34] wxEntry(int&, wchar_t**)

[35] main

[36] __libc_start_main

[37] _start

Does this happen with Audacity 3.3.3: Linux | Audacity ®

Well, I tested different projects and it did only occurred with one specific project. Right now a few hours later I downloaded 3.3.3. from Ubuntu software app. Because I could not open/utilize the file from your link. But I did not saved that specific project. Or to be more specific, I continued my project without reverb and had saved it during and when it was at the complete stage.

I tried to open a few of these, but they did not had that portion anymore So I can’t verify. However, I saw that 2.4.2 is from 4 years ago, I mean that’s before the coov, that’s way back, so I assume that it won’t be a problem anymore.
Thanks for the link though!

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