Error to Reference in line 7?

Please help me! My file won’t open!

I receive the error message:

Reference to invalid character at line 7. ???

I attached the file below.

I’m using Windows 7 64 bit, but also dual boot onto Ubuntu (Linux) … the file was created in Windows
file.aup (6.22 KB)

Make a backup copy of the .AUP file.
Open the original .AUP file in a plain text editor (such as NotePad for Windows or GEdit for Linux) and delete the line:

		<tag name="TITLE" value="¸yÌ&#x0003;d Effects - GLASS, SMASH - LARGE WINDOW PANE: HEAVY IMPACT SMASH, HIT, CRASH"/>

Then save the file.
Upgrade your Windows version of Audacity to 2.0

Deleted the line.

Now, I get the error:

Audacity did not recognize the type of the file ‘C: [filepath] .aup’. If it is uncompressed, try importing it using “import Raw”.

Use “File menu > Open”

Same problem.

What is the name of the .AUP file that you are trying to open?

Annies Trick Act 1

and I also changed it to


Neither work.

Try this file:
Annie Trick Act I.aup (6.1 KB)

Thanks so much! But…it did it again. Line 10 this time. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?
Annie Trick Act I.aup (10.1 KB)

It looks like the sound effect files from you have imported have some garbage characters in their “Title” MP3 tags and they get propagated into your project.
File → Open Metadata Editor; make sure to clean up the Title tag.
I have attached a cleaned-up version of your project file.

Annie Trick Act I.aup (10 KB)

Thank you, again, so much. In the future I will make sure to clean the files up BEFORE importing… :slight_smile: