Error opening recording device. Error code: 0 success

I’ve been using Audacity to record text that I’ve converted into German in the hope of having a collection of mp3 files I can listen to that cover areas of interest while I hopefully improve my German language skills.
Audacity has been brilliant so far, but when I was prompted to download an updated version, I can no longer record.
I get a pop up window that states “Error opening recording device. Error code: 0 success”.
Could anyone suggest a possible fix for this?
I’ve invested a lot of time into this project and not completing it would be a real shame!
I’m really bad with computers, so I’m sure that doesn’t help!
Any advice most appreciated!

Doesn’t that make you want to pull your hair out . :wink:

Under Audio Setup, change your Host to WASAPI.

If you are recording your computer output, set your Recording Device to Speakers(loopback).