Error opening recording device: Error code 0 success

Hi guys,

I’m try to record an audiobook with a new microphone and audacity. I did disable the laptop onboard microphone on Windows 10, then I’ve enabled the external microphone as well.

When I launch the record with audacity I got 2 problems:

Here is the screen shots.

If I use another recording software, for example Recordpad all it’s working with the same setup of my windows 10

Any ideas?
audacity not record 2.jpg
audacity not record 1.jpg

  1. Ensure that the external mic is enabled before you launch Audacity. If you enable it after, you will need to tell Audacity to “Rescan audio devices” (in the “Transport” menu).

  2. Ensure that the external mic is selected as the recording device in the device toolbar.

I will try this setup and let you know thanks a lot :mrgreen:

after I did rescan it work. Thanks a lot… let’s go to work

I have a second solution. But first, I came across this post, and it did not resolve the problem. What resolved the issue for me was changing the Host. Hopefully this will help someone who is having the same issue.

We have a pretty good history of getting people published. Check back to the forum. It’s a little more involved than you might think.

ACX/Audible? ACX won’t touch you unless your book is available for sale (in any form) on Amazon.

Your book can’t be on this forbidden list (scroll down).

You can’t read a cookbook.

We publish two handy tools. Audiobook-Mastering-Macro which will force whatever you read into ACX technical compliance.

It is a macro and has to be installed.

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ACX-Check.ny (4.4 KB)

That’s a Nyquist program and has to be installed.

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As we go.


This is the ACX web page of instructions and details.

You can get to the other portions of their page from there, but this is my favorite because it digs straight into the engineering.

I thought it was a little funny that ACX’s first instructions were promotion, publicity, and marketing. Completely skipping over actually producing the work. It’s nice that ACX can manage the fee sharing and format production for various sales offices, but I need to get the dog barking out of the background of my chapter.

Their technical help got a lot better over time, but I think it’s still true they won’t inspect a short test reading like they used to. Your first rejection might be right after you submit the completed book. It’s good to know that.

As we go.