Error opening recording device - Error code 0 Success - Help!

Windows 11, Audacity 3.2.1, running on desktop PC.
Made sure system privacy settings / microphone / microphone access is on. Ran Transport / Rescan audio devices. This is a fresh install of Windows with latest bios, updates and drivers.

I get this error when I click Record button. if I plug in a microphone and point my audio settings to that mic then it records just fine. But what I also want is for it to be able to record sound from the system - e.g. if I am playing a YouTube video, audacity should be able to record the audio. It did that on my prior PC. The Windows Volume mixer shows Audacity and lists the input device as Default; I can’t change that setting.

Must be a setting somewhere. Any suggestios? Thanks!


So typically, under Audio Setup, change your Host to WASAPI, and your Recording Device to Speakers(loopback).

See also: Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows

Thanks - that worked!