Error opening recording device 0 success

I started another recording after recording all day and got the "Error opening recording device Error Code: 0 Success. After a complete reinstall, same thing. Then I opend Audacity on my desktop and got the same message?!? Seems to be a network issue many are having. Can ANYONE help?

What are you trying to record from? Streaming audio? The mic built into your laptop? A USB turntable? etc.?

There are some troubleshooting tips here.

It is a USB Cassette Capture Device I have been using for weeks.

Why would this issue be the same on 2 different computers, one of which I have not used to record in some time?

Sometimes switching Host to WASAPI helps.

I switched, rebooted, switched BACK to MME and we’re back!! I love technology! Thanks for everyone’s help.

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