error not well-formed (invalid) token

I recorded a song last night and since the older version of Audacity wont allow me to export the track when Im finished, for whatever reason, I save it, then open up the project on the newer version of Audacity just so I can export it. When I went to open it up, it said error opening file or something like that, which I’ve seen it before in the past, and with the help of some youtube videos, I was able to recover file. I tried to follow those same steps by installing notepad but the file will not open. It keeps saying “error not well-formed (invalid) token at line 8” I keep going through the notepad plus and erasing any special characters (they say that is what corrupts the file) but its still not working for me. Please anyone, help. I worked hard on this. I wouldnt mind even sending the file to someone to do it.

Why don’t you just use the current version of Audacity (3.2.1)?

I assume that your “old” version is one of the Audacity 2.x series?
If so, attach the “.AUP” file to your reply and I’ll take a look.

See here for how to add an attachment to a forum post:

Please note that Audacity 2.x is no longer officially supported as it was superseded by Audacity 3.x nearly 2 years ago.

Hey wats your email. I dont know how to attach file to reply. I really need my file to work.

This is my file. I need it recovered.
manar.aup (49.1 KB)

Try this version:
manar.aup (49.1 KB)

I’d still be interested in why you are still using an ancient version of Audacity.

Its better to use for recording

It still isnt opening.

What’s the full and complete error message?

In what way “better”?

Its just easier thats all. I cant explain it. I just want my file back. Its saying “Couldnt import project, error not well-formed (invalid) token at line 8”

Are you sure you’re using the correct version of the manar.aup file?
Try moving your current version(s) of the file out of the way into a new folder, then download this version again:

It worked but its missing some vocals to it and just inserted it as silence. Thats better than nothing i guess. Ill try to work with it. Thanks man!!!