Error not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1275


I was recording a track, and for some reason, my computer was restarted.

When I opened Audacity again, said that the project can be recovered automatically. But when I press “restore” I suffer that error. “Error not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1275”

Any solution to recover the file please? :frowning:

I know what it means. An Audacity Project is an AUP text file with instructions what to do with all that stuff in the similarly named _DATA folder to play your show. A project is not a simple sound file. It’s a collection of files and folders.

This is a graphic of a very simple AUP file.

So. Open your AUP file in a text editor, scroll down to line twelve hundred and seventy five and correct the error.

The error could be anything. Audacity could have just stopped cold in the middle if writing one of those words or it could have written trash while it was dying. Rough to know.


for some reason, my computer was restarted.

I think I’d find out why it did that. Live audio (and video) production is stressful for a computer. Your machine could limp on the edge of failing for a long time but the first sound project could push it over the edge.

For one example, Audacity makes very good use of high memory and not many programs do that. Most people don’t let their computer check its own memory during startup (stupid waste of time) so you could have bad memory and not know it until a long, complex recording tries to use it.

This is also the kind of thing that can cause the computer to run out of hard drive space.


Normally what you need to do in that situation is to delete the redundant line before last, which is a series of nulls with a duplicate tag at the end.

If you need help, please attach the AUTOSAVE file. It’s at (Windows 2000/XP) Documents and SettingsApplication DataAudacityAutoSave or (Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8) at UsersAppDataRoamingAudacityAutoSave.

If you cannot see the AUTOSAVE file, show hidden files and folders thus: How to see hidden files in Windows.

Please see here for how to attach files: .

See Why does the computer reboot or show a blue screen message when I launch Audacity or play or record? for help diagnosing the restart problem.

Note that Windows can reboot automatically after Windows Update. It is better to disable updates if you are making important recordings but you can also follow this tip to stop Windows 7 and Windows 8 forcibly restarting after updates .


I have attached the file, and thanks for your help.
Nuevo proyecto - 2014-10-06 16-45-03 N-1.autosave (72.1 KB)

Try the attached. The problem appears to be as I described - there was a redundant line with NULL’s and at the end of it. I deleted that line.

Nuevo proyecto - 2014-10-06 16-45-03 N-1.autosave (71.9 KB)

Finally I can open the file, but I encounter another problem. I attached image. And apologies for the inconvenience.

You will have to open that “C:UsersCRAppDataLocalTempaudacity_tempproject30860” folder and see if the files mentioned in the log as “missing” are inside that folder.

The files have to be in the exact subfolder. So for example “” needs to be in a “d01” folder, and the “d01” folder needs to be in “e00” folder, and that “e00” folder needs to be in the “project30860” folder.

Good luck.