Error message: invalid token

Hi, my computer crashed 58 minutes into our show and audacity wont restore the file. I got the invalid token, error at line 3545 message.
Ive done as you said and revealed hidden files and protected files. I have the autosave file available and I need furthee explanation. If I tell you the exact file are you able to do anything with it?

Assuming you did not pull the power cord or run out of battery, this probably indicates a drivers problem on your computer. To solve the problem I recommend reading .

You can usually solve this as per

If you prefer, please attach the autosave file. Please see here for how to attach files:


I was able to fix the autosave file and remove the duplicate with null spaces line.
I recovered this file in Audacity, and saved a project file from this, there is however no sound now.
I began to import the data files from this project into audacity, after reading the recovery faq…there is sound from these data files, but is there a simpler way to connect all these data files? Originally the log report had a huge list of blocked files.

I have two autosave files now.
Trying to open either autosave in Audacity now creates an error that it cannot locate the data files for the autosave and cannot open the autosave file. However the data files are there.

I will attach the autosave and the aup files, thanks for the help.
Episode Three 110212 v1.aup (181 KB)
Episode Three 110212 - 2014-11-02 20-14-29 N-517.autosave (412 KB)
Episode Three 110212 - 2014-11-02 14-45-57 N-14.autosave (200 KB)


Please read to the end of my reply before taking any actions, then hopefully you will have the best chance of solving this.

Was the recovery correct (with sound) before you saved the project? The AUP file you attach has the same number of blockfiles as the AUTOSAVE file you repaired, and the few files I compared have the same peak and RMS level.

If so, what happened between saving the project and now? If that project is open, why is the same data silent in the project and not in the AU files? The AUP file you attached does not have mute or solo set, or gain applied, but make sure mute/solo/gain is not the cause.

If that project is now closed and you open it again, does the waveform look as it did when you saved the project after recovery? Are there any errors listed at Help > Show Log…?

Providing you did not edit the project after saving it, then the AU files should still have their original timestamps. If so you can follow the steps at to create recovery WAV files from the AU files, without using AUP or AUTOSAVE files.

Does “C:UsersEl JefeDesktopMusic and Fun PodcastEpisode Three 110212_data” pointed to in both AUTOSAVE files still exist? The AUP file you attached points to “Episode Three 110212 v1_data”, wherever that is.

What does the second AUTOSAVE file that has about 500 extra blockfile entries represent? Is it a project that has the original audio (now silent) with 500 extra AU files imported by hand into it? If so that will just confuse the project if you try and recover that.

And which _data folder has hearable audio if you drag the AU files into Audacity?

If you have that project open with the original audio plus manually imported audio, and have not been doing fresh recording, what I would do is close the project without saving changes. Then edit the AUP or the originally repaired (smaller) AUTOSAVE file to point to where the _data folder with hearable audio actually is. Look at the top of the files to edit the paths.

If you edit the AUTOSAVE file, don’t open the AUP file, just start Audacity with the edited AUTOSAVE file present, and Audacity will try to recover from it.