Error message Bad big_values count

New user - version 2.4.2. Cannot load MP3 file from hard drive. File will load into Windows Sound Editor and will play on other players. File size is one vinyl side converted to MP3 format. About 60mb. Error is Bad big_values count. If it is relevant, seems always to occur around 15 seconds from the end of the import process.

Try converting the file to WAV or FLAC with [u]TAudioConverter[/u] [/url] or [u]Kabuu Audio Converter[/u].

Audacity has to decompress the MP3 anyway so it’s essentially the same thing, just an extra step for you.

There was a recent change that makes Audacity less tolerant of imperfect/non-compliant MP3s. The developers are working on a solution (maybe just giving a warning or something). …Previously, it would try to open anything named .MP3 even if it wasn’t an MP3 and you’d end-up with garbage/noise.

See here for a possible workaround: MP3 Decoding failed: Lost sychronization - #10 by steve

I’d guess there is some corrupt data in the file close to the end of the file.
The above workaround may allow you to import the file, but there could still be a problem in the recording. Where did the file come from?

Thanks. The file comes from the internal MP3 conversion feature on a Lenco L85 turntable. The feature allegedly produces a MP3 file onto a flash drive.

I can confirm that there are recording errors on the MP3 copy but that does not stop the file from opening in other editors or players, e.g. Ocenaudio, Win Sound Editor.

I will try to record track by track to see if the problem is caused by a corruption in the recording