Error loading sound device - bluetooth headset

I have a. new MacBook Air 2022 running OS Monterey 12.1.3. I have EarPods and another bluetooth headset. Both will connect to the computer and playback with no issues, but Audacity will not playback or record despite showing up as the connected playback/record device after rescanning audio devices and re-connecting.

I have tried with all recent iterations of Audacity and it fails with everyone from v2 to v.3.2.5.

I have searched the internet but cannot find a solution to this particular issue. The error message is the usual “Error loading sound device”.

Your help in solving this will be much appreciated.

Update - in a newly opened file, audio monitoring shows activity and recording works. However, when trying to playback the error comes up. Recording is still possible though.

So the issue appears to be limited to playback. I have checked all the security and privacy settings and could only find one setting for audacity in Privacy/Microphone which is ticked.

Audacity does not play well with bluetooth audio devices. Apparently they may not maintain a constant connection to the computer. If they disconnect momentarily then you get that error message in Audacity.
– Bill

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