Error code

Hi there,
Following the very helpful comments by Steve, I thought I had the 2.4.2 version up and running but just went back to it to do another audition piece and I got ErrorCode 9986, but it did not really tell me what that meant.
Any ideas ?

Yes. Check out this thread:

Please report back to us.

  1. Does it say if the error is in the Recording device or Playback device?

  2. What audio devices are you using?

  3. What settings do you have in the Device Toolbar?

Hi Steve,
Sorry not to come back to you sooner but have not been doing any auditions recently.
Just logged on again on my Mac 10.13.6 High Sierra using Audacity 2.4.2 and I got the 9986 Error Code again - Internal PortAudio error.

To answer your questions from previously, it says the error is in the recording device; the audio devices I am using are a T-Bone condenser mic from Thomann, which is connected to a Behringer U-Phoria recording device, plugged into the Mac. The Device Toolbar says : Core Audio/USB Audio Codec/1 Mono Recording Channel/USB Audion Codec.
Any help would be very greatly received.
All the best

Quit Audacity, then check in the Mac Sound Preferences and ensure that the computer is receiving a signal from the USB interface.
Once you see the meter responding to your voice, relaunch Audacity, check the settings in the Device Toolbar, and try recording.

Thanks Steve,
I just had a fiddle with things and I am now getting error code 9997 - invalid sample rate … !
What now ?

In the Sound Preferences, what does it say the sample rate and number of channels is?
Is Audacity set up the same?