error code 9999 and 9997

When I wanna record a track, and I push the red button, these are the errors I get.
I don’t use a mic though, and I’ve tried EVERY setting several times.
I re-installed Audacity too, nothing helps, can you help me?

Thanks in advance!


if you want to record what is playing on youtube, for example:

  1. Setup (microphone) recording permissions for Audacity:
  2. Start Audacity
  3. Tools > Reset Configuration
  4. Transport > Rescan Audio Devices
  5. Audio Setup > Host > Windows WASAPI
  6. Audio Setup > Recording Device > (loopback)
  7. Record
  8. Startup youtube

Note that you must have “microphone” permissions to record anything. This is a feature? of Windows. Also note that the recording may not begin before the audio stream starts.