Error code 9997 - Rhythm Track

Hello Audacity forums.

Im trying to record multi tracks of trumpet, and I am using an at-2020 with a focusrite solo gen 3. When I record one audio track the microphone work perfectly, but when I attempt to add a rhythm track it get error code 9997. Ive tried matching the sample rate and bit rate but that doesnt work.

Yes, well you are taking the right steps and know that you are not the only one frustrated with this issue.

Start by making sure that you can record using you computer’s headphones as the monitoring device. Then see if you can play to the Scarlett.

Let me suggest re-reading Error codes - Audacity Support (for 9997), and then re-reading it again.

If you have tried both 44100 and 48000 everywhere, then rebooting can sometimes fix the problem. Good luck!

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