Error -9999 opening recording device when I change playback device in Windows 10!

Hi all,

Wonder if anyone has had this… I’m using a Behringer UMC202HD. So:

In Audacity:
The Recording Device is set to Microphone UMC202HD
The Playback Device set to Speakers UMC202HD

Recording works fine as long as my playback device in Windows 10 (not Audacity) is set to the laptops’ device, Realtek Audio. However, the moment I set the playback device in Windows 10 to Speakers UMC202HD (because I want to use headphones from the Behringer) I get the dreaded “Error opening recording device” when I try to record.

To be absolutely clear - the microphone and recording works fine from the Behringer when the Windows playback device is the laptop. Any other Windows Playback device also presents no issues i.e. I can record fine with Realtek speakers, Bluetooth headset, anything. It’s only when I change the Windows Playback to be Speakers UMC202HD that Audacity gives me the error on the recording device. Bizarre.

Tried rescanning, rebooting etc, different Host within Audacity… Help!

Many thanks in advance for any insight that anyone can provide,


Are you trying to monitor what was previously recorded or what you are currently recording?: In Transport > Transport Options, do you have Overdub or Software Playthrough selected? Make sure you have only one.

When using the same device for both input and output, everything must be as exact match. There can be problems if one is set to mono and the other to stereo, or if they are not running at exactly the same sample rate.

Check also your Default Format under the Advance Tab under Properties for your UMC202 for both the Recording and Playback tabs in your Windows Sound Control Panel. That sample rate should be the same as that of Audacity’s Project Sample Rate under Audio Setup > Audio Settings.

See also: Error codes - Audacity Support

Hi Jademan,

Many thanks for your prompt response. Essentially I was trying to get the Rhythm Track (a simple metronome click) through the cans so I can put the guitar tracks down without the click bleeding over etc. Changing the sample rates in Windows to exactly match those in Audacity seems to have worked a treat. Bingo!

Many thanks for your help mate,


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