Error 9999, can't record 2nd tracks

I’ve started recording on Audacity with Behringer UM2 interface. I previously used the ASIO driver and encountered some issues, and I’m now using a Behringer driver I found through a Youtube video. When I try to record a second track I receive the error -9999 message, and the only way I fix this is by turning off “overdub”, but now I am unable to hear the first track. I have restarted my computer but this doesn’t fix the issue.

Are their any other solutions? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t know what the problem is but Audacity is not an ASIO application* so that’s not the issue. And, I’m pretty sure the Behringer interface is supposed to be plug-and-play with the Microsoft-supplied drivers that come with Windows.

ASIO4ALL is an “adapter driver” that allows regular windows hardware to work with ASIO applications.

*If you are a programmer Audacity can be compiled with ASIO support but it can’t be distributed with ASIO support because that would require a licensing fee. And your interface doesn’t have true ASIO drivers anyway…

When you are overdubbing, it is important that the track you are playing and are recording are at the same clock rate; otherwise you are going to have problems. Double-check Audacity’s sample rate in the lower left-hand corner with that of Windows: R-click: [speaker icon] > Sounds > Recording > [Behringer UM2] > Properties > Advanced > Default Format. Repeat this for your playback device. These must match your UM2. (I believe Behringer is usually 48000Hz).

If you wan to go back to ASIO. See here:

I hope this helps. :smiley: