Error -9997 with Realtek Audio (loopback) computer playback recording

(version 2.4.1, Windows 10) Since I got a new computer and a newer version of Windows 10, I’ve been unable to record computer playback properly using the Windows WASAPI loopback method. Selecting my headphones [labeled “Speakers (3- Realtek(R) Audio)”] and attempting to record causes a recording device error with code -9997. I’ve been able to find one similar and somewhat recent forum post detailing the same problem, however my problem pertains only to Realtek, so the solution here was not applicable. Attempting to change project sample rate between 44100 and 48000 has no effect, nor does ensuring all of the audio devices are of the same sample rate via the control panel ‘manage audio devices’ settings. I ran an audio device diagnostic (Help > Diagnostics > Audio Device Info) and for the “Supported rates” section for my headphone’s loopback, there’s nothing listed. It just says "Supported rates: " and provides no supported rates.

I am still able to record computer playback via VB-Audio Virtual Cable and Stereo Mix, though these options are unfavorable as Virtual Cable does not allow me to hear what I’m recording as I’m recording it, and Stereo Mix causes the recorded audio to be extremely quiet, which I assume is from the fact that I keep my headphone’s audio level is at a very low percent, as any higher would be too loud to listen to.