erasing parts of a track without everything else moving


I use Aud. versions 2.0.6 and 1.3.9 (beta) Windows 7.

When I want to delete a part of a track EVERYTHING following that part moves! Even when they are not linked. I do not want this because those parts are correctly placed. Silencing is not an option most of the time because I want to have the freedom to move parts around without everything moving again. And thus messing everything up.
I’ve searched all the buttons and I’ve read the manual but can’t find anything to stop it from doing that. IS there a button? and WHY??
The older Audacity versions did not do this.

And then another thing: If you need a new track and you already have about say 10. You have to manually move that new file up and up and up and up etc…! This is so time consuming and soooo annoying! Why is it not possible to pick and drop it anywhere you want??

I’m a pretty frustrated about this -as you might have guessed- cause it takes the fun out of making music with Audacity. So please, if someone has an answer for me I’d be very very grateful!

All the best,
greetings Erik

Use “Split Cut” or “Split Delete”. They are in “Edit menu > Remove Special”.

By the way, version 2.0.6 has two new commands in the track drop down menu–move to top and move to bottom.
If you use them smartly, there won’t be the necessity to move the tracks hundreds of times up and down.

I thank you a lot! I had seen that split cut in the older (2.0.5) version but never tried it… When you’re used to something…
And that new button ’ move to top or down button’ is great! a little late but great. maybe a ’ to the middle ’ button in the next version? :smiley:

Ah, I immediately run into another problem (for me that is). The reverse of my former problem. If I want to insert a bit then everything moves to the right… How is that prevented?

There are three ways:

  1. Make a selection in the space that you want to paste, exactly the same size as the content that you are pasting. The pasted content replaces what was previously in the selection.

  2. Change your Preference settings:
    “Edit menu > Preferences > Tracks”
    Change the setting “Editing a clip can move other clips” to “not selected”.
    When using this option, the space that you are pasting into must (of course) be big enough for the pasted content.

  3. Paste into a new (empty) track.
    When you Export the project to create an audio file, all tracks are “mixed down” to create a single mono/stereo audio file.
    To create a new track: “Tracks menu > Add New > …”

The third option is the most versatile, and often the most convenient. Free yourself from the idea that a recording has to be all on one track and benefit from the wonders of “multi-track editing” :smiley:

Of course it is, using the mouse. Click and drag on an area of the Track Control Panel that isn’t a control, then release the mouse.

Middle may not have a clear meaning if there are an even-numbered number of tracks. How about Move > then “Above” or “Below” track number, according to context?


Ok :smiley:
Thanks for the answers. I’ll go for number 2 with the insertions! making new tracks was what I was doing but sometimes you’d end up with just too many tracks…

You can “mix down” as many (or as few) track as you like, at any time.
Just select the tracks that you want to mix down (or part of the tracks - it does not need to be the entire track),
Then from the Tracks menu, select “Mix and Render”.