Equivalent to Audition HUD for Audacity

I’ve been playing with both Audacity and Adobe Audition, and there’s one feature of the former that I can’t find on Audacity- the HUD allows very quick access to a volume / amplitude control. I know I can go through the effect menu, but that’s a bit of a faff…

A bit different, but Audacity has the “Envelope Tool”.

Yeah, it’s a clever tool, that envelope thing!
It’s not quite what I’m after, though. The Audition HUD makes it easy to quieten a particularly large gulp of air that I’ve taken between sentences etc. I know that the envelope tool would do that, but takes a fair bit longer.

I know what you mean. The envelope tool is very useful, but rather fiddly.

I’ve not used Adobe Audition for a very long time, and I don’t think it had the HUD when I used it. How familiar with it are you? In particular, do you know if it applies a short fade-up / fade-down, or if it does a step-up / step-down?

I don’t know whether it would be useful to you, but I recall another Audacity user with a similar question, and the solution we came up with for their use case was to create two macros, one applied +1dB gain, and the other applied -1dB gain to the selected audio. They then created keyboard shortcuts for the macros. This allowed them to select a region, and say they want +4 dB gain, they only needed to tap the shortcut key 4 times; tap, tap, tap, tap. Very quick, very convenient.

Yeah, that macro idea might work. Would still be more fiddly than the Audition HUD, though. I’m not that familiar with Audition, but that feature to me is worth keeping it around for, I use it all the time. The HUD seems to apply very a short ramp up/down in volume.

If you want to try the macro idea, the macro only needs one command in it - the Amplify effect.