Equalizing track to play at same volume

Hi folks,

I have few audio tracks with varying volumes which mean they play either too low or loud at a specific volume. I would like to equalize all the tracks so that when i play back them at certain volume they sound same. I tried using mp3 gain however i don’t see any difference when i playback the tracks.

Appreciate if someone can help me with instructions on how to equalize them.


I tried using mp3 gain however i don’t see any difference when i playback the tracks.

That’s surprising… MP3Gain & ReplayGain, etc., aren’t “perfect”, but usually they work pretty well…

Did you change the Target Volume? If you increase the target volume, but you don’t allow clipping you are not allowing enough adjustment range for MP3Gain to work properly.

Did you save the original MP3s? Just for fun… Open one of the original MP3s, run the Amplify effect and note the default gain change. Then do the same with the MP3Gain’d copy and check and compare it’s default gain change. If they are the same, MP3Gain didn’t do anything. (You don’t have to apply the Amplify effect or save/export the file… Just check it’s level…)


OK… The manual volume matching method goes something like this -

1. Normalize (maximize) all of your songs for 0dB peaks. You can use the Amplify Effect and accept the default, or the Normalize Effect.

All of your songs will now be as loud as possible without clipping, but they won’t necessarily sound equally loud.

2. Choose the quietest song as your reference.

3. Adjust the other (louder) songs down by ear to match your reference.

NOTE - If your original files are MP3s, Audacity (like all “normal” audio editors) will decompress the file when you open it. If you then re-export as MP3 you are going through a 2nd generation of lossy compression. You may not notice the quality loss, but it’s something to be aware of, and there are special-purpose MP3 editors such as mp3DirectCut that can do some limited editing (such as volume adjustment) without decompressing/re-compressing.