Equalizing a sample


I use Audacity without any problem all weeks but today I have a sample of a motor and I want to change his sound aspect, I have tried many things but I didn’t see how to do it properly. I’m a bit disappointed :confused:

Here’s the original sample recorded: https://instaud.io/3yge
Here’s the wanted aspect wanted : https://instaud.io/3ygg

If you can help me
Thanks you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks you Trebor, but now I need to do that for others sample now, what did you mean by “overall frequency-content match” ?
Can you explain me how did you get this result please or show me the equalization curve?
Thanks ! :wink:

Which post are you replying to?

I reply at this post but it’s now deleted (I don’t know the reason)
This was the answer of my question but I need some precisions if possible :confused: