Эквалайзер Equalizer

Для того чтобы воспользоваться в своей версии Audacity 3.1.3 эквалайзером, я использую эффекты “Кривая EQ” и “Графический EQ”.
Сразу вопрос. Провильно использовать и то, и другое сразу, или можно использовать только один эффект?
Настаиваю их так:

In order to use the equalizer in my version of Audacity 3.1.3, I use the “Curve EQ” and “Graphic EQ” effects.
Immediately a question. Is it possible to use both at once, or is it possible to use only one effect?

I insist them so:

Правильно ли я настраиваю эти эффекты? Как правильно?

Am I setting up these effects correctly? How is it correct?

One effect a time. The Graphic EQ is usually easier to experiment with. If you know exactly what you want the curve may be better.

Am I setting up these effects correctly?

If it sounds good, or if it sounds better, you are doing it right!

How is it correct?

EQ is mostly a “corrective effect” to fix something that’s wrong. It has to be done by ear. A perfect recording shouldn’t need any EQ. But if you like a lot of bass (or something like that) you can adjust the sound to your taste.

But any time you boost (with EQ or some other way) you can push the level too high and get [u]clipping[/u] (distortion) Audacity can be configured to [u]show red for clipping[/u]. Audacity itself doesn’t have any upper (or lower) limits so it won’t clip, but the exported file can clip, or you can clip your digital-to-analog converter during playback.

So if you “see red” after applying EQ, run the Amplify effect (with a negative dB setting) to bring down the volume before exporting.

Thank you very much.

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Скачала, спасибо, разбираюсь какон работает.
I downloaded it, thank you, I understand how it works.