Equalizer in 2.1.1 No Longer Automatically Remembers Setting

I’ve been an Audacity user since around 2009. I run it on Windows 7, 64 bit, with 8 gigs of memory. When I upgraded to version 2.1.1 I noticed a quirk in the equalizer – it no longer automatically remembers your last configuration.

Let me explain. Previously in Audacity, if you designed an EQ curve and hit “OK,” the equalizer would automatically retain the settings of that curve when you went back into it. You didn’t have to save the curve – it was there for you until you closed out the program or until you hit the “flatten” button.

This was very convenient. If you found your EQ curve needed a bit more bass, let’s say, all you had to do was hit “undo” and when you returned to the equalizer, the curve you just created was still there. However, now when you return to the EQ setting you just created it’s flat – it reverts to that state every time.

I know each curve can be manually saved – and I have saved many custom-made ones. But it was great to be able to have the EQ settings remain in the state you last left them. Having to save and resave for every minor tweak is not nearly as convenient.

Is there any way I can alter my preference settings (or something) to get the equalizer to behave the way it used to? Thanks in advance.

It was a bug that is now fixed in our code.

If you use Equalization a lot, you could use the 2.1.2rc1 (release candidate 1) from the top of http://www.fosshub.com/Audacity.html. There may be another release candidate to address some interference problems we are having with anti-virus products, but 2.1.2rc1 should be fine as production version you can use.


Thanks, Gale.

With the new download, though, there is a problem with the Draw Curves/Graphic EQ settings. I couldn’t get Draw Curves to work and couldn’t get the other EQ setting to hold as the default. The bigger layout did look nice, though.

I’ll wait till the next release for the fix. I went back to the old one for now. I saved version 2.1.0 on an additional hard drive, and it re-installed fine, EQ and all.

There won’t be any fix for 2.1.2 unless it is deemed sufficiently serious to hold the release up.

Could you please describe in steps 1, 2, 3 in what way the Draw Curves does not work, and what other settings do not hold as the default?

The Presets in the Manage menu do not get recalled, but I don’t know of any other obvious problem similar to your description.


No, sorry I uninstalled it already and brought back the old version!

Then please understand we can’t fix any problem that you found, unless we stumble across it ourselves.

If you still want to help, there is nothing to stop you grabbing the ZIP version http://www.fosshub.com/Audacity.html/audacity-win-2.1.2rc1.zip. Just unpack the downloaded file (right-click over it > Extract All) and run Audacity from the folder you extracted the files to. That will not uninstall 2.1.0. Just delete the folder you extracted to when you don’t want it any more.