Equalizer - Extending the Length and Exporting Coefficients

Hello again,

I’m using 64 bit Windows 7, and I installed Audacity 2.0 from the .exe installer.
I have a couple more questions about the equalizer tool. Firstly, is it possible to extend the length of the filter in the equalization tool past 8191? I have a pretty complex equalization and this seems like it would be the easiest solution. Secondly, is there a way to find or export the coefficients of the transfer function of any equalization that I build in Audacity? I’d like to eventually put this filter on a DSP, so anything that I can take from Audacity would be useful.


You’d have to set a filter length > 8181 in audacity.cfg then modify effects/Equalization.cpp to prevent that filter length being reset to default.

There is no further EQ data you can export from Audacity without tinkering with the code.