Equalization UI

I rather recently moved from using Audacity on Squeeze to Audacity on Devuan Jessie. There are two things in the equalization UI that are different. Also one global UI change.

  1. In Squeeze, the last selected curve remained selected the next time I went to select an option. I found that very handy. Why? Because I am forgetful and usually can’t remember the last curve selected - especially if my workflow gets broken! Now every time I open Equalization it is a flatline. Is there a place to tell it to retain the last used curve as the default?

  2. The Squeeze curves were also the nice blue line. The curves I imported from Squeeze now look like a coil even though the ‘Draw Curves’ option is selected. When I click on that option the line changes to the blue but the setting doesn’t stick. Next custom curve is a coil again. I have tried re-saving but no joy.

  3. For all the effects (and perhaps elsewhere), the X in the title bar is non functional to close a window. Am forced to close with ‘Cancel’. Not a biggie but tell my reflexes that.

Are these annoyances solvable? Thanks.


If you update to the most recent version of Audacity that problem has been solved.

Try adjusting the “length of filter” slider in Audacity’s equalizer GUI : that can cause a green coil-y line to appear …
Adjusting filter length demo.gif

Thanks, Trebor.

Unfortunately, not in Jessie backports. Will see if it’s in ascii (stretch) later.

No green coil here. It’s blue! Changing the ‘Length of Filter’ setting looked weird and didn’t restore that blue line.

If I click on ‘Draw Curves’ it changes to this which is what I’m used to seeing but loses the filter name. I’ve tried resaving it but it still reverts to the blue coil.


Stay in the one mode rather than switching, because the modes are not identical. A curve created in Draw Curves, then switched to Graphic EQ and back to Draw Curves will acquire many more control points.

In “Graphic EQ” mode, built-in presets will display as “unnamed” because they were built using the differently calculated “Draw curves” mode.

Your own saved presets will always display with their saved name if loaded in the same mode you saved them in. In “Graphic EQ” mode, only presets saved in that mode will display with their saved name. In “Draw Curves” mode, a curve created in “Graphic EQ” mode can be displayed as its saved name if loaded from within “Draw Curves”. If that curve is loaded in “Graphic EQ” mode and then switched to “Draw Curves”, it will display as “unnamed”.


Well, in Squeeze’s Audacity those presets looked identical in either mode so I had no idea of the subtle differences between them. I can’t even remember how I built them - it was so many years ago. But I must have done it in Graphic EQ mode since they display correctly there.

I have switched back and forth between those two options and loaded several of my presets and they always display with the correct name unless I make an adjustment to the filter. Then the name switches to unnamed.

At least they still work in either mode. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed explanation, Gale.