Equalization for rap vocals (Plugins/Tips)

Hey guys, im trying to find an eq plugin/settings that can give me up front and clear vocals like the ones in this song. http://www.zshare.net/audio/55794640bbc7c230/
Can anyone give me any info/tips/advice.

That’s not an Eq setting or a plug-in, it’s a high quality studio condenser microphone.

I use a Samson c01u condenser microphone. Ive heard other peoples songs who use this same microphone, and they are able to achieve a sound close to the one i have posted

Certainly high-quality microphone in a quiet studio and a blast filter in front of the mic.


The blast filter makes production management much easier later. You may also want to dump all frequencies under about 120Hz with the graphic equalizer tool. That should give you a pure voice with no thumps and rumble.

Then, after you get your perfect vocal track (and export a backup capture WAV file) start with the compressors. There is no volume variation in that voice at all and his expression is completely squashed out. I’d try Chris’s Compressor with the compression cranked way up over the default 0.5. You may want to apply the compression more than once.


Once you start heavy production, you want to be in Audacity 1.3. Audacity 1.2 is hopelessly out of date with very simple tools that sometimes don’t work very well. You can install 1.2 and 1.3 at the same time as long as you don’t use both at once.


I have a metal pop filter and i use the sc4 compressor in the newest version of audacity. But before i add some compression, i use some eq. i am trying to find the right eq settings. These are the equalizers that i am messing with right now.
http://loser.asseca.com/downloads/VSTBundleWin32_FINAL_2008-01-27.zip (i am using the 3-band eq)


Talk about that.

Conventional pop and blast filters work by having the sound waves stretch a thin nylon or dacron mesh stretched tightly over a hoop. They’re acoustically invisible in operation except they won’t pass large masses of air – the pops or thumps. Metal screens don’t do that and they can add their own sound. Tap it with a pencil. Do you hear a metallic ringing sound? That gets added to your voice.

One of the clear effects on the original voice is the level nature of the volume. It never changes. You can only get that with good compressors.


Good news guys, I was messing with the graphic equalizer in audacity and found some great settings :slight_smile: