Equalization effect needs better interface

Regarding the Equalization effect, I can’t believe a program of this sophistication has such a crude interface for entering an equalization curve. The Equalization dialog box has a very small window for drawing a curve, and there is no way exact values can be specified or entered; one can only draw an approximation to the desired curve and hope the program derives the correct values. The window in which to draw a curve needs to be much larger, and there needs to be a digital readout of the coordinates in Hertz and decibels for any point being drawn.

In the current version of Audacity, is there any way I can create a custom predefined equalization curve? Can I write a script to do that, or can I modify one of the existing predefined curves? Can I implement an equalization curve by entering lines of code at the Nyquist prompt? Any help will be appreciated.

I think that you must be using an old version of Audacity. (Audacity 1.2.6 is still available on the Audacity web site, but it’s really old)
Upgrade to Audacity 1.3.12

I didn’t download the new version because it’s still in beta. I’ll give it a try.

I installed version 1.3.12, and the graphical interface of the Equalizer effect is a thousand times better. A further improvement would be to have a digital readout of the coordinates in Hertz and decibels of any point being entered or moved on the graph. After using Audacity to equalize a wav file, I can say that it appears to be an excellent program.

At the bottom of the screen (immediately below the graph) is a print-out with various information regarding the peaks at the frequency corresponding to the cursor position.

At the bottom of the screen are readouts pertaining to the sampling rate and the current position in the file. There is no readout pertaining to the equalization curve.

Click on image to expand. Highlighted text refers to the cursor position (not shown) over the spectrum image.