Equalization effect has no effect?


I’m a newbie working with Audacity 2.2.2 on Windows 10. Trying to eliminate p-pop. Zoomed, highlighted the pop’s wave and select, Effect > Equalization > “100 Hz Rumble” (or really anything) and there’s no change to the audio.



Mild P-Popping where you’re a little too close to the microphone isn’t generally audible. But if it’s bad enough, it overloads the microphone, interface or sound mixer. Overload or clipping (snapping or cracking) is clearly audible and nearly impossible to eliminate.

Did you do this?


I think we can help that a little, but for real, I think Chase will be reading that again.

Audacity 2.2.2 has Effect > Equalization > Low Rolloff for Speech. That’s the rumble filter intended to help problems such as this one. If that’s not enough, then I think the work is gone.


Thanks much for the response! Yup, the problem is that using the Equalization effect has no effect. It doesn’t change the track at all. It acts like it’s going to but then there’s no change.

It acts like it’s going to but then there’s no change.

That doesn’t mean what you think it means. It means your sound system isn’t high enough quality to hear the damage. Real P Popping produces a whump sound that moves the curtains and scares the cat. The equalizer (depending on how its used) gets rid of that sound but doesn’t affect the rest of the show…much. Really heavy popping produces sounds similar to your voice and can’t be removed.

Record it again and back away from the microphone and/or use a pop and blast filter.

That’s the black tennis racket thing between Chris Pratt and the microphone.

Good microphone spacing with a pop filter is about a power fist.


In case I went off the rails on that one, apply Equalizer > Telephone effect. You should see a great change in the blue waves and the sound of the show. If that fails, do any of the effects work?