EQ Missing

I just installed v 2.3.3 on my mac running 10.14.6

My Equilization plugin is disabled in this new version and will not enable no matter how many resets or times I try. Only the Graphic EQ shows up. I am able to enable/disable all the other plugins’ however my EQ will not.

Any suggestions?

The old EQ effect has been split into two effect, the “Graphic EQ” and the “Filter Curve” effect. Both of these should be enabled by default.
As you will see in the manual, the “Filter Curve” effect is pretty much the same as the “Draw” mode of the old EQ effect https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/filter_curve.html

Is there some way to force-enable it alongside the updated versions or import old presets? I had a LOT of user presets in the old EQ that I spent a long time curating and would very much like to access again

The old effect saved it’s settings in a file called “EQCurves.xml”.
Assuming a standard Windows installation, that file can be found in the hidden folder:
C:\Users**\Application Data\audacity**

Make a copy of that file and keep it safe until the next Audacity release becomes available later this month.
The next Audacity release (version 2.4.0) includes a tool to convert the old XML files into a format that can be imported into the new equalization effects.

On Mac, the EQ settings are saved in
~/Library/Application Support/audacity

To get there easily:
Select and copy this next line to your clipboard (Command + C):

~/Library/Application Support/audacity/

Switch to the Finder
Click on the “Go” menu, and choose “Go to Folder”
Right click and “Paste” (or Command + V)
Click the “Go” button

Then follow Steve’s advice for saving a copy of EQCurves.xml.

– Bill

Oops, macOS not Windows. Thanks Bill.