EQ going in

I go directly into my computer w/o any kind of mixer. Is there a way to EQ before recording? There is no trouble using the built in equalizer. It would just be nice if there was a way other than buying more equipment. Simple has always been good. The fewer components the less trouble in getting the noise out etc. Ideas? :question:

Audacity does not do processing during recording, so the short answer with respect to what Audacity can do, the answer is no.
As general practice, there is much to recommend recording “clean” and processing as necessary after recording. For vocal recording with a good mic , good sound card, a pop-shield, and with the mic placed carefully, very little equalization is likely to be required other than perhaps a bit of low frequency roll-off. Some microphones have a built-in low cut filter (also know as a “high pass filter”). High pass filters are also available as an in-line accessory for microphones that do not have one built in (such as the Shure A15HP).

Simple has always been good. The fewer components the less trouble in getting the noise out etc.

I’s possible, particularly with home recording, to be too simple. The built-in microphone on most Windows laptops is designed for communications and conferencing, not entertainment recording. You might get away with that on a Mac, a friend of mine routinely does that, but rarely a Windows machine.

Mic-In on most PC soundcards is terrible because of the hostile environment of the PC. When you buy a third party soundcard, they warn you to install it as far away from the buzzy, noisy video card as you possibly can.

AudioBook quality recording equipment recommended by ACX has an external microphone and USB microphone amplifier. That’s pretty simple. True, it doesn’t have a mixer, but it doesn’t use the audio inside the computer, either.


Thanks for the comments. I was simply hoping to do a little tweaking on a feed or to give my recordings one fewer step to do. There is always room for improvement. A basic pre or mix would smooth out some of my sound. A new mic would be more fun. And proper.


This is the current recommended ACX equipment list for audiobooks.

– ACX Equipment List
Rode NT1a microphone, MBox Mini-2 (no longer available), Fast Track Solo, and Fast Track Duo.
Microphone stand with boom, microphone shock mount and pop and blast filter. Quiet computer.

That’s a still from their videos.


Also, the Transom people have some very good comments on microphones and recording systems.


A new mic would be more fun.

Yes, but may not help all that much. More people get killed with a noisy, echoing recording room than anything else. Do you sound like you’re recording in a barn?

Does your computer make noise?

The next most popular problem is when you buy a nice USB microphone and your computer “doesn’t like it.” Those are very painful to fix.