eq curve

I am converting my old cassette music audio to mp3. Is there any one step eq curve I can run to improve the sound? Also, can you explain what all the presets curves are for? Thanks!

No. The type of curve required depends on what your tapes sound like and what adjustment they need.
Old tapes tend to sound a bit dull, so you may want to increase the high frequencies a bit, but old tapes can also be “hissy”, so you won’t want to turn up the treble too much, and may even want to turn down the very high frequencies to as to reduce hiss.

I’d suggest that you experiment with the “Graphic EQ” mode (the sliders). Sliders to the left control low frequencies (bass), those on the right control high frequencies (treble), and those in the middle control the middle frequencies. For more info, see: Equalization - Audacity Manual