Envelope tool problem


My OS is Windows 10…

I’m having a problem with the envelope tool in the latest version of Audacity (2.3.2). When I attempt to use it, it doesn’t allow me to choose where to use the tool…instead, points appear all over the tracks, that I cannot remove (see attached).

Can someone help or is this a bug?
Thanks for any help!

Should be able to remove the envelope control-points by dragging them above “1.0” …

Excellent…thanks so much!!

I am having the exact opposite problem: I cannot put any control points on my selection. There is a circle with a line through it if I put the cursor over any of the tracks when the envelope is applied. I have Audacity 2.4.2 and Win 10, completely updated.

Perhaps playback is paused (or playing). It needs to be stopped. Try clicking the “Stop” button.

YES!!! I could have sworn I had already tried that, but apparently I either clicked too much stuff before retrying, or something else, but I got it to work! I could so hug you right now, even despite the pandemic!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

Virtual hugs are fine :smiley:
Glad I could help.