Envelope tool "points"


I’m wondering if there’s a way to create one of those “points” for the envelope tool without having to guess where to position the mouse so that it doesn’t move the envelope up or down. For example, if I click just a fraction of a millimeter too high, then I’ve changed the envelope and made everything louder. Or if I click just a fraction of a millimeter too low, then I’ve changed the envelope and made everything softer. Usually, in a passage where I use the envelope tool, I want the points at the beginning and end of the passage to be at a neutral height, so I’m not changing anything in the rest of the track. Generally, I have to click and undo several times until it appears that I’ve clicked in exactly the right place so that the thing doesn’t move up or down.

Is there some easier way that I’m overlooking?

Conversely, I’d like to suggest that there ought to be a way to simply indicate where the points go, without having to worry that such action will push the envelope thing up or down. I understand the logic of allowing someone to click to assign the location of the points simultaneously with determine their height; but it would be nice if there a way to disable or bypass that “feature” when one wants to.


I agree that the current method of placing control points is a bit awkward, but one thing that may help is to hold down the mouse button until the new point is in the correct place, then release the mouse button. While the mouse button is held down you can drag the new point around. If you’ve clicked in completely the wrong place, drag the new point off the track (above or below the track) and the point will disappear.

Thanks…I thought of that, as one can kind of judge it by the blue line. Nevertheless, I still prefer to “undo” if the line moves just a little bit, because if I adjust afterwards, I might not get it exactly right, which could throw off the balance I had worked out elsewhere.

I’m with newbis on this one too… It would be nice to have a way of adding points to the envelope without changing the amplitude at the point where the point is inserted… Something like Shift-Clicking and it would just place the envelope point at the current amplitude.

There are already quite a few Feature Requests about the Envelope Tool on the wiki http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Feature_Requests
Do you wish to add your vote to any of them?

My preference for “Shift+Click” with the Envelope tool would be for linear fades. (better still, have “linear” fade as the default fade type and “exponential” (or whatever it currently is) as a modifier option).

Topic moved to “Adding Features” section.

The current fade type is (graphically) “linear” if you switch the waveform do dB. So I guess you can call it logarithmic. :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look at the wiki later and add my votes.