Envelope tool doesn't interact with the volume of the audio.

When trying to use the envelope tool to change the volume of a track, it’ll create a handle, but won’t change the volume. The handles move, but nothing happens, leaving me with something like this.
Image 230.png
I do final edits for a podcast, and receive the rough cut from the host. Any bedding or other track I add myself I can change, but I can’t change what they’ve put in for some reason. Any ideas?

For extra info, I’m running 3.0.2 on windows 10, and we use google drive to get the files back and forth as we don’t live in the same place and don’t have much of a budget for a more expensive filesharing service.

It’s OK to use Google Drive to get the files back and forth, but do not open the project while it is on Google Drive. Copy or Move the project to a normal “local” directory on your computer before you open it in Audacity.

If two people try to modify the project on Google Drive at the same time, it could easily corrupt the project and you would lose it permanently and completely. (ensure that you keep backup copies somewhere safe).

Sorry, I should’ve mentioned this before, but we do. We learned that the hard way. The issue is happening with a file I downloaded to a local m.2 drive on my pc from the google drive.

I don’t tend to use the envelope tool much myself, but with Audacity 3.0.2 on Windows 10, it seems to work pretty much as documented here: Envelope Tool

If this issue only occurs in one project, perhaps the project is damaged somehow. You could try copy-pasting the tracks to a new project and see if the issue follows. If so, try exporting the individual tracks, then importing into a new project.

Yeah, I tried that too. Must just be some weird bug. Thanks for your help everyone