Envelope Tool - adding nodes without effecting the entire track

I have seen this question asked but I haven’t seen a response that answers the question…

When using the envelope tool, is there a way of creating a node that DOES NOT effect the entire track? Some way of snapping it to the track?

I am needing to bring the volume down in small portions of the audio (to eliminate breaths and mouth noises) but every time I add a node it effects the entire track.

Is there a way of adding a node without changing everything on the timeline?

Have tried using CTRL, ALT, SHIFT and a combination of all 3 with the mouse but nothing seems to work… any hacks for this?

2 more nodes either side to keep the rest of the track as it was …
more nodes

I appreciate that… however as you can see from the first node you added on the right, the audio level of the entire track went down slightly and then you had to readjust it.

My question is… is there a way of adding nodes that snap to the track and not move it up or down?

Does that make sense?

I am spending a lot of time trying to readjust the nodes to where they originally were so they don’t effect the volume of the entire track.

I also struggled with this before. My workaround is to position the upword-pointing arrow (of the envelope marker) exactly to the upper blue envelope line - just before the marker turned into a hand symbol if you moved it further up. Then it creates a node that doesn’t (visually) affect the envelope.
However I admit that this requires a sharp eye and precision navigation of your mouse.
Would appreciate learning about an easier way to set a node without affecting the existing envelope.

You can set an individual envelope point with the keyboard as follows: 1) View > Extra Menus ON, then 2) Extra > Scriptables I > Set Envelope > Time: 2, Value: 1, for example.

You can retrieve values for all of your existing envelope points by Extra > Scriptables II > Get Info > Envelopes, JSON.

Wow - these “Scriptables” open a whole new world …
Thanks a lot for this reference!
Would however be more intuitive to use if there was a way to set the envelope point at the current (playhead) position - or the current position was presented as the “time” value.

Good idea. Note that you can get the time value by first setting a label, then Scriptables II > Get Info > Labels.

I was thinking into a more programmatic way, like reading current cursorposition and feeding it into “Set envelope” as time parameter, with value =1. The goal would be a keybord shortcut for a command-sequence. At a quick glance I didn’t find a way to do this just stitching macros together.
Should however certainly be doable in a Nyquist plugin.
I once had gained some experience with this, but it’s been years ago. Would need to recover my skills for this …

Good luck! :grinning:

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